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I want to remove ALL the commas that appear at the beginning of the string and at the end of the string in SQL SERVER. I DON'T WANT TO REMOVE COMMAS WHICH APPEAR WITHIN STRING.
My string is like-
",,test1,test2 tag,test3 tag,,,"

Required o/p=>
"test1,test2 tag,test3 tag"

Please help me. Thank you.

What I have tried:

SELECT REPLACE(LTRIM(RTRIM(REPLACE(',,test1,test2 tag,test3 tag,', ',', ''))), '', ',')

But it gives o\p=>
"test1test2 tagtest3 tag"

which is wrong as it's removing all the commas which are within the string also.
Updated 13-Nov-19 0:51am

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There are several ways of doing this. For example you can use a small T-SQL block like this
   DECLARE  @data VARCHAR(100);
   SET @data = ',,test1,test2 tag,test3 tag,,,';
   SELECT REVERSE(SUBSTRING(REVERSE(SUBSTRING(@data, PATINDEX('%[^,]%', @data),99999)), PATINDEX('%[^,]%', REVERSE(SUBSTRING(@data, PATINDEX('%[^,]%', @data),99999))),99999));

Or embed the logic into a select statement, for example
SELECT REVERSE(SUBSTRING(REVERSE(SUBSTRING(MyColumn, PATINDEX('%[^,]%', MyColumn),99999)), PATINDEX('%[^,]%', REVERSE(SUBSTRING(MyColumn, PATINDEX('%[^,]%', MyColumn),99999))),99999))
FROM MyTable

However, the easy way would be to create a small function for the task, for example TrimChar to remove desired character[^]
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SELECT REVERSE(SUBSTRING(REVERSE(SUBSTRING(@data, PATINDEX('%[^, ]%', @data),99999)), PATINDEX('%[^, ]%', REVERSE(SUBSTRING(@data, PATINDEX('%[^, ]%', @data),99999))),99999));
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CHill60 13-Nov-19 6:06am    
This problem was resolved 3 years ago. You have resurrected a old question by copying someone else's work (Wendelius' Solution 2). Do not do this.

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