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Dim table As New DataTable("Items")
        table.Columns.Add("Barcode", Type.GetType("System.32"))
        table.Columns.Add("ItemName", Type.GetType("System.32"))
        table.Columns.Add("ItemDescription", Type.GetType("System.32"))
        table.Columns.Add("Price", Type.GetType("System.32"))
        DataGridView1.DataSource = table
        table.Rows.Add(txtBar.Text, txtName.Text, txtDesc, 1, txtPrice.Text)
        DataGridView1.DataSource = table

What I have tried:

can you help me resolve this? How to achieve this functionality?
Updated 20-Oct-16 6:47am
[no name] 20-Oct-16 12:30pm
Richard MacCutchan 20-Oct-16 12:40pm    
What is "System.32" supposed to represent?

1 solution

Um...two things.
First, you add 4 columns, then try to provide 5 values...

Second, "System.32" is not a recognised datatype, so GetType returns null (or Nothing)
Probably, you want to use the name of the actual type, like "System.String" for the ItemName, and so forth.
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CaptainChizni 20-Oct-16 13:02pm    
Thank You
OriginalGriff 20-Oct-16 13:59pm    
You're welcome.

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