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i have string and i am splting this string using this code :
split = ast.Split(new Char[] { '!' });

after that i am making DataTable
DataTable table = new DataTable();

DataGridViewRow addRow = new DataGridViewRow();

int columnCount = 27;
                    for (int i = 1; i <= columnCount; i++)
                        DataColumn col = new DataColumn("col" + i);

DataRow row = table.NewRow();

after this i want to this splited string take into cells and i am using code that i am trying but there is 1 problem my string length may be 27 or 27+27 my string length is growig with constant number 27 soo i have columns 27 but if my code(what i have tryed) see that length is more then 27 it is erroring me
Additional information: Cannot find column 27.

plz help me do this

What I have tried:

                         for (int i = 0; i <= split.length; i++)

                             row[i] = split[i];

                     this.dataGridView1.DataSource = table;
Updated 24-Apr-17 2:34am

1 solution

The first thing to do is to see if there is another separator in there: it sound like you have 27 elements separated by "!", then an second set also separated by "!", then a third.
It would be normal under these circumstances to have a second separator to delimit each set:
(often it's a newline to make it humanly readable.) So start by looking at your data and checking that. If you do, then it's simple: spilt it into each row via teh second separator, then split each row and add that:
string[] rows = ast.Split('|');
foreach (string row in rows)
   string cells = row.Split('!');
   // Add cells to a new row here.
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GTR0123 24-Apr-17 8:40am    
the problem is that there is no other seperator for example string looks like
i want this 1 2 3 go on 1 cell
and 4 5 6 on another sell but there can be more then 2 rows
sameer549 24-Apr-17 8:45am    
give your exact input string.. is it contains multiple lines as you given above?
GTR0123 24-Apr-17 8:47am    
if this string is coming i mean length it is doing well everything
when it is twice more it is erroring me that
OriginalGriff 24-Apr-17 10:18am    
That data is broken into "natural" lengths: you even placed them on separate lines.
It looks like PABX log data to me, and I suspect that it's in a very specific format, probably the lines you have broken it into.
Grab your raw data again, and use a hex editor to look at it closely: I suspect that each line is terminated with a #0D or #0A (CR or LF ASCII characters) and you should be observing that.

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