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I have a column app_Id in a table.

It has values like





What i have to do is sort app_id. Part before '/' is the application number and after '/' is year.
so i thought to sort i should make two columns in my datatable each for appNumber and year.
Then i used this query

SELECT [app_id], (Select LEFT(app_Id, CHARINDEX('/',app_Id )-1)) as Number,(Select Right(app_Id, CHARINDEX('/',app_Id )+1)) as Year ,[app_type], convert(varchar,[app_date],103) as app_date, [subject], [app_name], [gar_name], [source_vill], [source_place], [source_dist], [mode], [epat_letno],[status] ,Approved  FROM [viv_app]  where FinancialYear <>'2012-2013'  and Status='Sent to treasury' order by [Year] desc ,Number DESC

Now the problem that i am facing is that for app_id like
i am getting Number = 10 and year =2010 which is right but for some values of app_id like
i am getting number =5 but year =011 and for app_id like
i am getting number =378 but Year= /2011.

please tell me how to solve this logical error

1 solution

You try this and let me know. You have to use the same logic

create table temp
(id varchar(50))

insert into temp values ('10/2000')
insert into temp values ('5/2000')
insert into temp values ('345/2000')

select SUBSTRING(id,1,charindex('/',id,0)-1) as id,
SUBSTRING(id,charindex('/',id,0)+1,LEN(id)-1) as year from temp
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StianSandberg 9-Aug-12 8:35am    
5'd :)
Santhosh Kumar Jayaraman 9-Aug-12 8:36am    
ujjwal uniyal 9-Aug-12 8:36am    
It works as i want it to work . But will you please tell me how it's working?? I am having difficulty understanding this. there is no point in just copying the answer
StianSandberg 9-Aug-12 8:40am    
Good to see someone who want to actually understand the answer :)
I'm sure Santhosh will give a good explanation. His answer is perfect..
Santhosh Kumar Jayaraman 9-Aug-12 8:42am    
ya thanks. I think the below explanation might help him

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