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I'm building a parser and I have a problem when it comes to string.split().

Dim currentstring As String
currentstring = "'They are running, John','the dogs'" 

When I split the string it will split the commas in between the apostrophes too. Is there any way to get around that so it will only split the ones out side the apostrophes?

String.Split cannot cope with this. You should probably use the Regex class[^].
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olivewarbler 14-Jan-12 21:19pm    
I've never used it before, how would you use it for that?
thatraja 15-Jan-12 0:08am    
Agree with Carlo. Check this sample & modify it based on your need.
C# Regex Split - everything inside square brackets[^]
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Have you tried this :

string currentstring = "'They are running, John','the dogs'";
string[] result = Regex.Split(currentstring, ",(?=(?:[^']*'[^']*')*[^']*$)");

Extracted from here :[^]
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