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i have a excel file, i want to copy the last used row from sheet1 to sheet2 use vbscript.
can anyone help me?

What I have tried:

Here is the code:

Set x6 = CreateObject("Excel.application")
 Set XlBook = x6.Workbooks.Open(".xlsx")
 x6.Visible = True
  Set Xlsheet = XlBook.Worksheets("Sheet2")
 Set Xlsheet1 = XlBook.Worksheets("sheet1")
 With Xlsheet
 'Dim lastrow
      Xlsheet1.Range("A:D").Copy .Range(.Cells(1, j + 2), .Cells(6, j + 2))
 End With
Updated 20-Aug-17 16:05pm

1 solution

Have you tried the "Record Macro" button?

1. Go to any cell,
2. Turn record macro on
3. Press CTRL+HOME
6. Press CTRL+C
7. Click on "Sheet 2"
8. Stop recording - the code is now generated for you using Excel Record Macro function

Go to VB code generated, review, optimise, test, publish...
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Member 13356330 20-Aug-17 21:51pm    
Graeme_Grant - Thanks for your reply, how to use VBSCRIPT?
Graeme_Grant 20-Aug-17 22:04pm    
Look at the code generated... Excel tells you how. Do you know how to access the code editor window?

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