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I have an InfoWindow with the following as its content:
<input type="button" id="go">

In my index.js, I have:
$("#go").click(function() { ... });
$("#go").on("click", function() { ... });
(neither works)

but the function is never called. Do I have to put this JS inside a tag within the content of the InfoWindow, or should it work like this?

<b>What I have tried:</b>

Updated 28-Nov-17 2:20am
ZurdoDev 27-Nov-17 15:54pm    
I do not know what an InfoWindow is but you can start by debugging this by checking what is $("#go").length when the .click function is wired up.
[no name] 28-Nov-17 6:46am    
The function does not work so I cannot do that.
ZurdoDev 28-Nov-17 7:29am    
Does the code in index.js ever run? If so, debug it and see what $("go").length is. If not, then you have your answer.
[no name] 28-Nov-17 7:30am    
I put the js code inside the infowindow and it worked
ZurdoDev 28-Nov-17 7:41am    
Glad to see you got it resolved.

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Solved by relocating JS, must have been out of scope
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