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So, I have this problem with trying to make the content within my infoWindow multi-lined. I assumed this would work:
var custContent = customer.Name + '\n' + customer.Address1 + ", " + customer.Locality;

However, much to my chagrin, it does not. The newline character doesn't do anything. It's all just put on one line. Does anyone know how to do this?
Updated 23-Jun-11 2:54am

According to the online docco here[^], infoWindow.setContent takes any HTML. So, use <br> instead of '\n'.

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Colin Mullikin 24-Jun-11 8:21am    
Yeah, I figured it out yesterday and forgot to come answer the question. I just had to use "<br>" and it worked.
use Carriage return and Line feed
place "\r\n" in place of \n dont use double quotes !
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