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Original Question

How to link to a website?
If I give the username and password that go to the website?

Interpreted Assumption

If I already know the UserName and Password to a website, how can I login to a website, without showing the login page to the end user from my web application? i.e. Single Sign On
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Dalek Dave 29-Oct-10 4:30am    
Edited for 'Shouty' Caps lock problem, but the question remains a mystery!
Rajesh Anuhya 29-Oct-10 4:45am    
Question not Clear
Be Yourself 30-Oct-10 0:02am    
Do U want to design a custom application or use an existing website.
If U want to design a custom application then It's quite easy.
Just Use two textboxes for username and password and a button
use the button click event to connect to website.

1 solution

I think you are trying to login to a website from your page, without showing login page of the website.

You can do this by submitting the form data using POST method.

you will have to open the login page of the 3rd party website using 'View Source' option in Internet Explorer, to see the HTML code for the page.

Now grab the From name, and User Name / Password field text box name from there.

and then pass all these 3 values using the POST method.

You can find an example on who to use it here.[^]

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