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I follow these pattern
But at last i stuck how to use
Model validation with attributes
I'm new in MVC
Please help me

What I have tried:

I use in these way
if (productToValidate.Name.Trim().Length == 0)
                _modelState.AddModelError("Name", "Name is required.");

But if I have larger entries then?
Updated 2-Jun-18 1:03am
Richard Deeming 22-May-18 12:05pm    
If you have a question about the code in an article, then post it in the forum at the bottom of the article.

That way, the author will be notified of your question, and will have a chance to respond.
Surendra_Singh 22-May-18 12:12pm    
I'm sorry sir
But i need to perform model validation i just use this article as examples
F-ES Sitecore 22-May-18 12:20pm    
Why don't you just use the relevant attributes like [Required] etc?

1 solution

i`m done by using auto mapper
like this way

Make Model In Model Folder

and map in controller

var product = _productServices.GetProductById(id);
          Mapper.Initialize(cfg => cfg.CreateMap<ProductEntity, ProductModel>());
          var itemModel = Mapper.Map<ProductEntity, ProductModel>(product);

var product
In this i get all data from service layer

then mapping is done by automapper and final data i will get in
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