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I have added a NumericUpDown object to a ToolStripMenuItem with this code:

[ToolStripItemDesignerAvailability(ToolStripItemDesignerAvailability.ToolStrip | ToolStripItemDesignerAvailability.StatusStrip)]
public class objTSNumericUpDown : ToolStripControlHost
public NumericUpDown objTSSpinner { get { return (NumericUpDown)this.Control; } }

public objTSNumericUpDown() : base(new NumericUpDown()) { }

public objTSNumericUpDown(string strName, Dictionary Drawing) : base(new NumericUpDown())
{ objTSSpinner.Value = 0;
objTSSpinner.Dock = DockStyle.None;
Dock = DockStyle.None;
objTSSpinner.Maximum = Drawing["MaxValue"];
objTSSpinner.Minimum = Drawing["MinValue"];
objTSSpinner.Location = new Point(Drawing["LocationX"], Drawing["LocationY"]);
objTSSpinner.Size = new Size(Drawing["SizeX"], Drawing["SizeY"]);
Size = new Size(Drawing["SizeX"], Drawing["SizeY"]);
Name = strName;
TextChanged += new EventHandler(Textchanged_UpDwn);
I have a Label in the previous ToolStripMenuItem.

I would love to have the Label precede the NumericUpDown in the same ToolStripMenuItem.

In essence, have both objects on the same line. Thanks in advance.

What I have tried:

I have tried multiple different approaches to include adding a groupbox to the ToolStripMenuItem... to no avail at this point!
Updated 17-Oct-18 3:11am

1 solution

[ToolStripItemDesignerAvailability(ToolStripItemDesignerAvailability.ToolStrip | ToolStripItemDesignerAvailability.StatusStrip)]
public class objTSNUPGroupBox : ToolStripControlHost
public GroupBox objTSGroupBox { get { return (GroupBox)this.Control; } }

public objTSNUPGroupBox() : base(new GroupBox()) { }

public objTSNUPGroupBox(string strName, appEventArgs e, object ParentPanel, objToolStrip objTS) : base(new GroupBox())
Control[] objects = new Control[2];
objects[0] = new objLabel(strName.Replace("grp", "lbl"), e.GetObjects[strName.Replace("grp", "lbl")]);
objects[1] = new objNumericUpDown(strName.Replace("grp", "nup"), e.GetObjects[strName.Replace("grp", "nup")]);

objTSGroupBox.Size = new Size(e.GetObjects[strName]["SizeX"], e.GetObjects[strName]["SizeY"]);
objTSGroupBox.Name = strName;


Ok... this worked. Cannot add ToolStripItems to a GroupBox and I had to use form objects in the GroupBox. I would much rather have a complete ToolStrip solution as opposed to this work around. Any suggestions and/or enlightenment concerning this issue would be duly appreciated. Still can't get the size of the GroupBox what I want but I'll continue to research it!
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