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hello all,
I have developed an application in I have deployed in already. But my requirement is I want to put setup.exe on my server and want to create a file something like cab. So whenever someone click on that cab file it will take path from the remote server and install it from there like when we install .net framework. Can anybody please suggest what should I do for that?

Thanks in advance.

Double-clicking a CAB won't do anything and it surely won't launch your Setup.exe from a server. How is this CAB supposed to know where the Setup.exe is? Also, CAB's don't have exectuable code in them, so there's nothing to launch your .EXE.

From your description, I think what you're talking about is creating a shortcut to the Setup.exe that will install your app.

If you want to install all of your app's prerequisites, like the .NET Framework or SQL Server, this functionality will have to be baked into your Setup.exe. This Setup.exe must be written in C or C++, not C# or VB.NET.

Google for "Bootstrap setup .net application" for examples.
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In my shop, we add a Setup Project to the application's solution then build it. In the project's folder, you will now have a folder named for your setup with two sub-folders, Release and Debug; depending on how you have VS configured, you will now have setup.exe and Setup.msi in one of those folders (hopefully in Release: those files will not have debugging information and thus be smaller and faster.)

Copy these two files to whatever network share will be hosting them; make sure that your users have execute permission on the folder. You will want to keep these two files together.

Create a shortcut to setup.exe and post it anywhere you like. Running the shortcut will execute the setup app, which will install the .msi on the user's local machine.

How to create a setup project is a bit of a challenge as there are a lot of moving parts; it isn't something that can be addressed on the forum. I'm sure Code Project has some articles on this already, or try Google. Once you are over the learning curve, however, it is pretty easy.
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You might want to consider Click Once deployment - see here[^].
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