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I am using a PIC with a Real Time Clock (RTC) connected. I can send the date and time manually to the PIC RTC to set the time. However, I wish to do it automatically via the serial port using C# when the PIC sends a prompt.
The current method I use is to send a menu item "Set_Time" to the PIC,
The PIC responds with: Please send date in DD/MM/YY.When I manually enter the date and send, the PIC then responds with: Please send time in HH:MM:SS 24h format. Again I manually enter the time in the requested format. As I am new to C# I cant figure out how to mechanise this procedure, after many attempts I done a Google search without success.
Any ideas please ? :confused:

Presumably, you are using a SerialPort to connect to the PIC, and this is working fine?
In which case, check the serial port data for the string or bytes that identifies a "give me the time" request from the PIC, and then send it the time in the appropriate format:
DateTime now = DateTime.Now;
string date = now.ToString("dd/MM/yy");
string time = now.ToString("HH:mm:ss");
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Thanks for the quick response. I'll give that a try and let you know how I get on.
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I developed a state-driven serial port programming language in C# and it really makes it easy to communicate with the serial port. It has a built-in debugger also to find and fix the errors just in time.

Would you please try it with the following state ?

state Init
  $date = datetime("dd/MM/yy");
  $time = datetime("HH:mm:ss");
end state

state Idle
end state

It is freely available on sourceforge. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.[^][^]

Thank you,

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yoyogesh 2-Apr-12 6:28am    
i am trying to communicate with the relay driver circuit in C #.

Please help.

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