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Hi everyone,

I have a very simple question and though I am not getting to the precise answer on the net.

My question is as follows:

After some researches, I got to the conclusion that windows CE 6.0 is not compatible with WPF, and then building beautiful interfaces with expression blend for example is no sense, cause it will not work in windows CE 6.0.

However, we see everyday machines running on CE 6.0, with beautiful interfaces, and I don't know which tools they used for getting to it.

Please help me. I cannot switch to windows CE 7 for the moment and I really need to make a nice interface for my application.

Thank you in advance.

Nathaniel P. :-D

Here is one possible solution:
Fluid - Windows Mobile .NET Touch Controls[^]

Another possible solution is to create screenshots of your WPF app, use 9-slice devision (as is commonly done with web pages) and paint your UI using the resulting bitmaps. Not as graceful as SilverLight on Windows Phone 7, but it will help you to create a nice looking UI.

Espen Harlinn
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thanks for answer,

I don't really understand how the first proposition is answering, since it does not give me any tool for developing.

As for second proposition, I would be very surprised to know this is the way serious companies are handling it, since it is seems to be not professional at all. But I can mistake.

If anyone can tell me about tools or some new compatibility...I would enjoy a lot.

thank you
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