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hi I am trying to compile one C++ source file from VS2005...
but I got some errors when I click on that error some other files are automatically opening..
and I got one more error its 'SVSSych' base class undefined..
the source code as follows
struct Global:public SVSSych{

I am not getting y those files are opening
Updated 13-Mar-11 23:23pm
Nuri Ismail 14-Mar-11 5:26am    
Compiler or linker errors?
This 'C++ source file', is it yours?
If not, then where you get this source?
I ask these questions, because if this file is a part of a library then there could be some specific requirement(s) to compile/link it.

Also, you can post the error messages here, just copy them from your IDE.
With given information it is almost impossible to tell where the problem could be. Please update your question with some details.

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