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we have demand from customer to make live video stream from web cam and at the same time that stream to be saved as a video file for later usage.

Can someone suggest approach to solve this?


It's not going to happen, at least, not as ASP.NET alone.

ASP.NET is primarily a server side technology. You will need something on the client side to do capture the video frames and upload them, with a server side component to save the video in a coherent fashion.

My suggestion would be to find a pre-existing solution, probably incorporating Flash/JavaScript/something on the server.

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NuttingCDEF 10-May-11 12:53pm    
Agree - my 5.

ASP.NET is a web technology for IIS web servers - video capture has to happen on the client - and then be transmitted to the server. Video capture is probably the tough bit - my guess would be that (much as I dislike it for many things) Flash might well be a good starting point.

C# / VB / .NET are Windows based technologies so even if you did write something to download and run on clients, you are limiting yourself to Windows users - which isn't great for a web app.

But if you actually mean just writing a standalone application to run on a (Windows) PC to capture video and save it in a file, then C# / VB using .NET framework is an option - though you might need to tap into other Windows technologies (using COM or native APIs) to get something reaonable working.
you can use IIS Media Services with Silverlight smooth streaming and Expression Encoder
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