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I have a web that displays data 5 items at a time. I need to allow the user to print this data (without printing all the other crap on the page). My first thought was to use iSharpText to create a pdf file, but iSharpText has been problematic and there's no real (immediate) support for it anywhere.

So, I decided to try just sending the html to the user as a word document. Essentially, it's working fine except for one thing. I need to be able to create hard page breaks so that the report will be similar in appearance to what they see on the web page. I've tried using page-break-before:always; on the div containing a page's worth of data, but Word is ignoring that.

Does anyone have any hints as to how I might approach it?

Before you suggest it, using the MS Office COM objects is not possible, and neither is Crystal Reports. I'm not entirely shut off to using iTextSharp either if someone can steer me to a good resource.
Updated 16-Jun-11 7:48am
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 16-Jun-11 13:52pm    
John, don't you think the whole idea of (proprietary-format) word document does not fit the Web in general? Why Word?
#realJSOP 16-Jun-11 14:41pm    
It's not really a word doc - it's just html saved with a .doc extension, and word opens it up and display it correctly (or almost anyway).
pankajupadhyay29 16-Jun-11 14:21pm    
you can use openxml for word.

1 solution

I found "a way".

Instead of creating a .DOC file, I create a .HTML file, and transfer it that way. At that point, the user can use IE to print it.
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