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I have a problem. I need to be able to remotely control and supervise distributed machinery via web. I don't know where to start, since this is the first time I'm doing anything like this. I've heard people talking about cloud computing and many things, but I don't know if that applies to my problem.
All I need to do is a software that a client can access via web to the company's server, so that the calibration of the client's machinery can be done via web, instead of having the client mail the equipment for calibration.
I would like to end this query for help thanking everyone in advance and apologizing for my english, since english is my third language.

PS: I don't want the code handed to me or anything like that, all I want is to be guided in the correct direction, so I can better understand the problem and then come up with a solution of my own.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 5-Oct-11 21:21pm    
Look, I spend good part of my working life doing machinery control and still have no idea how to help you, because you provide almost no relevant information. All those systems are so different in complexity and quality, there are so many different standards that its hard to tell anything more certain. The approach you describe is known, so what? Not clear what kind of help you may expect.

Probably you need to try different approaches and later ask more specific question.

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first you going to want to host a mini embedded web server on your embedded devices to calibrate, after that your web Site front end can call services that are hosted on the embedded devices.

this does put requirements on your hardware because they need to run a TCP stack which might not be a trival thing to start with.
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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 5-Oct-11 21:17pm    
This is correct, my 5. Major problem here is this: OP provides almost none of relevant information.
Pablo Cottens 5-Oct-11 21:19pm    
Thank you very much for answering so fast. You've helped me a lot, but I still have some questions, fi it's not a problem for you.
I can't embed a web server in the devices because I simply can't even think about touching the devices. What would be required to do is a web page, that the client will access, and through the client's PC calibrate the machines. I would need to access the PC's hardware to communicate with the devices (some via serial port, some via ethernet). Which is the best programming language to access hardware via web?
Thank you very much again, and sorry to keep bothering, but I am new to web programming and have no idea where to begin or which language to use.
killabyte 5-Oct-11 22:10pm    
if you cant host a mini web server on the device then you are going to need a "supervisor" PC that can communicate to the devices get the required data and host that data in a web service somewhere.

the supervisor could poll all connected nodes, then publish those results to web, if the web service recieve a calibration update the supervisor would then have to interpret the web data transform it into embedded lingo and send it back the the device node.

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