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Hi Friends,

I have developed an application in WPF with C#. The application includes a third party dll for displaying the camera in a particular window.

Normally the application takes the memory 90 MB - 135 MB without camera object (Unmanaged object). i.e I removed all the code reagrding the camera object in the design and code page (xaml and xaml.cs). The memory increasing and stops at one max value.

If I use the camera object in the application, the memory is increasing gradually. When I open the camera window every time, the memory will be increased gradually like 135 MB 141 MB, 143 MB....

I have used GC.Collect and the Using statement for all necessary place to clear the managed memory. I am not able to reduce or stop the memory increasing.

How to solve this issue?

Any suggestions will appreciate

Thanks in advance.

1 solution

Obviously there is a memory leak in the third party component you are using.

I would suggest you contact them and have them look into the matter, as there is very little we can do for you here.

Having said that try using a memory profiler to see where exactly you are leaking memory, that could help you also.

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