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What I have to do is list all the files within a directory.
If a directory is shown then it also should print out the files within that directory.

At the moment I have:
DIR *directory;
struct dirent *files;
char folderPath[] = "//home//unix//20//";

 // Make sure I can open the folder "test" otherwise throw an error
     if ((directory = opendir(folderPath)) == NULL)
        printf("\nCouldn't Open Folder!\n");
        return 0;
	// Loop around and check if the directory is another directory
	int i = 0;
		while ((files = readdir(directory)) != NULL)
		  //printf("%s\n", files->d_name);
		  if (files->d_name 

This code prints out all the files and folders within that directory.

What I need to do now, is find out if d_name is a directory and if it is, print out the contents within that directory.

Can some-one help me on how I can do this?
Updated 14-Oct-11 7:33am

You have to look at the file attributes... A 'd' in the first field denotes a directory:[^]

I believe stat() will give you the attributes in linux:[^]
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Willtwinny 20-Oct-11 15:05pm    
I have had a read through, and I am still strugglying.
So far I got:
if (stat(files->d_name, &statbuf) == -1)
printf("%s\n", files->d_name);
But nothing is happening.
Albert Holguin 20-Oct-11 17:26pm    
what do you mean nothing is happening? you're not doing anything with the returned buffer (or structure)...
Willtwinny 3-Nov-11 0:32am    
Got it working in the end. Thanks :)
Check if d_type & DT_DIR and if so it is a directory.
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