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Hi all,

I need a logic for checking the directory for a file if a file exists i need to store the file name to a variable

for example:-

i am having a directory called "test", initially it is empty, i need to continuously check this directory for a file if any file is present in the directory for eg: if it contains "name.txt"
i need to store this name to a variable like below

char *buff;
buff = name.txt;

can any plz suggest any idea, i have a logic for checking the directory but i do know how to take a filename and to store that in a variable


This thread[^] contains some ideas specifically for C (not C++)
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Use the inotify API[^] to continuously monitor the directory. The inotify event structure contains a file name you can copy to your own variable with strncpy() after allocating a sufficiently large buffer.
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