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After some reading I think these two products are the most stable and are worth trying.

Deepsea is easy to use inside Visual Studio, just mark an assembly for obfuscation and done, Crypto Obfuscator requires more things to do just to enable it for an assembly or project.

At the same I read that Crypto Obfuscator does the encryption better than Deepsea and has a richer interface. I.e. something like "simplicity vs features". This is my point of view, I would like to hear from others.

Probably somebody could help me choose.

I would like to hear only from experienced people, without any raw ideas or just opinions.
Updated 26-Oct-11 22:56pm
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 26-Oct-11 14:43pm    
Please move this to the Lounge. It is not a programming question since you are merley asking our opinion on this.
Q&A is for questions that can be answered with a solution, which isn't possible in this case.

Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 26-Oct-11 14:48pm    
Agree. I'm also concern about the approach "requires more things to do", "simplicity vs features". Simplicity is important for maintainability, not development. If OP looks for "easy"... if you want really good thing, it's never easy.
BillWoodruff 26-Oct-11 20:28pm    
Manfred and SAK, I respectfully request you both to raise the issue of the appropriate forum for this type of question on 'Site Bugs and Suggestions.'
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 26-Oct-11 23:54pm    
Bill, I did not get it. Do you think it needs a new forum? If so (or if your idea is different), this is your idea, could you raise the issue by yourself? I really don't see the issue here. My comment is addressed to OP in agreement of Manfred's opinion, but on my side this is merely an advice. In all cases, I don't see a big problem.

Thank you.

Try this I like it a lot :[^]
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Crypto Obfuscator has a wizard (File Menu-->Visual Studio Project Integration Wizard) which you run on your .sln - after that anytime the sln is built by Visual Studio, the assemblies will also be obfuscated. Quite easy in my opinion!
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