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Hi ,

As i am new to c++ . I am stuck up in connecting to MS Access 2007 Password Protected Database Programmatic-ally .
If i remove the password of my 2007 Access Database , I can fetch all the record in the database . But if i include a password for my MS Access 2007 , i am receiving the error " Cannot open database . It may not be the database that your application recognizes , or the file is corrupted". Please help me in resolving the issue.

Following code is the open method of cdatabase which i am using

LPCTSTR lpszConnect = 
    _T("Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb, *.accdb)};DSN='';DBQ=C:\\a.mdb;Pwd=123");
result = db.Open(NULL,false,false,lpszConnect);

Please help me in resolving the problem .
Updated 22-Nov-11 2:08am

Use following connection string
Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=C:\myFolder\myAccess2007file.accdb;Jet OLEDB:Database Password=MyDbPassword;
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Shruthi Krupal 22-Nov-11 8:41am    
Thanks a lot for your reply . It is working with the solution provided by you. I just had one more question regarding this , as i am creating a Data Access Layer(i,e separate module) for my whole project. I will be using this Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB method for connecting to Access Database for whole of data handlers . Is this Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB method of connection to database secured and recommendable for all the interactions with database from application.
Maciej Los 19-Feb-13 14:53pm    
Good answer. +5!
Use[^] to get the connection string you need.
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Maciej Los 19-Feb-13 14:52pm    
Short and to the point, +5!

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