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Hey i'm using crystal report with
everything goes all fine with internet explorer 8 version
but it fails to get loaded for the first time in internet explorer 9...
not able to figure out the prob..

Jake :-D
Anuja Pawar Indore 3-Feb-12 8:47am    
Without looking into your code, how you expect us to give an answer
Elegantly Wasted 9-Feb-12 1:03am    
go through this link you will come to know what i'm facing the prob .

Any solution do let us know...
thatraja 3-Feb-12 10:18am    
Show code
Elegantly Wasted 9-Feb-12 1:04am    
i have used oracle as database queries to bind report,
if the data is more then it throws an error out of memory or sometimes fail to load for the first time in i.e. 9 .

thatraja 9-Feb-12 3:28am    
Check my answer

Rahul Dhoble - Nope this is not the solution for my prob :

go through this link :

Actually the data to be loaded is more so at the first time its shows a blank page, and at the second refresh it show the report .
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Espen Harlinn 9-Feb-12 8:39am    
Here other possible reasons for blank report(s), so check these too(Will be useful for you in future)

Crystal report - not getting the output[^]
Crystal reports - getting blank data generated in reports[^]
Printing a reports I am getting a extra empty page[^]
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Espen Harlinn 9-Feb-12 8:40am    
this is known issue

I would suggest to read below QA link and use the workaround[^]

Hope this helps , if yes then accept and vote the answer otherwise revert back with your queries
--Rahul D.
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'This is globally declared.
Dim rd As CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.ReportDocument

'On page load i'm using session
If Session("CurrRpt") IsNot Nothing Then
rd = Session("CurrRpt")
If rd.FileName.Contains("rpt_Report1.rpt") Then
Report1.ReportSource = rd
End If
End If

This is where i dispose rd the instance of my crystal report document

'on click button to show report i have a huge query to bind crystal report
' i have used this to get the values so i can use it in my queries.

Dim txtfromDate As TextObject = rd.ReportDefinition.Sections(0).ReportObjects("txt_FromDate")
txtfromDate.Text = txt_FromDate.Text
Session("CurrRpt") = rd
Report1.ReportSource = Session("CurrRpt")

Most of the people suggested to dispose the instance at crystal report unload...i'll try out if i found any solution will update you...
Jake :-)
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