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I need help please I am new at programming and I am trying to do program to get live stream from my labtop webcam to the program and then capture it and save it into a database I have no idea how to do that in and what to do please help
Ed Nutting 19-Apr-12 11:52am    
Two things: 1) Saving video data in a database is a terrible idea. You should save proper video files then store the location of the files in the database. 2) If yo are so new to programming, the task you are trying to do here is well beyond a beginner project. I recommend you try lots of other, far simpler things, before attempting this. This is not an easy task and one that even intermediate or advanced programmers would have to work at to get working.

I hope you follow my advice. Perhaps try searching CP for some beginner articles to get you started?

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Ed Nutting 19-Apr-12 11:54am    
Good answer, my 5+. I know I have used WIA in the past (as suggested by one of your links) and I would recommend it. However, please read my comment because the OP appears to be biting off more than they can chew, so to speak.
Reza Ahmadi 19-Apr-12 12:14pm    
Thanks, I just read your comments. I think your are right as it seems to be upper intermediate. However, I did not get your point about OP? Reza
Ed Nutting 19-Apr-12 12:17pm    
My apologies if you know what this mean but I cannot tell. "Biting off more than you can chew" means taking on a task that is too big or too much for you to do. I was trying to say that the OP is taking on a task that is far too big/complex for him at this stage since he appears to have little coding knowledge. My point was that he shouldn't be trying this as a first project. I hope this clarifies my point,
Reza Ahmadi 20-Apr-12 1:07am    
OK,I got it and thank you for your clarification.I agree with your opinion.


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