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Currently i am exploring with and this past few days i have been wondering if there is a way of making an SMS application that will not require expensive GPRS/GSM Modem.

Is there anyone here who has an idea about this, probably an internet broadband can be used but i do not really know if that is possible. I have been also thinking to use websites that are offering free sms services. but the problem here is that i can't automate this because somehow they have managed to use captcha to protect their services against BOT abuse or 3rd part software manipulation.

I am very curious if there is a better way to use an alternative for me not to invest in expensive modems just to explore and improve my knowledge in vb.

Thanks for your time reading this.
Updated 18-May-12 8:57am

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If you want to sent SMS messages, I would recommend Twilio. It is a paid service once you use it in production but you can get a test account to play with until you get an app that works the way you want it to. They have great documentation and a great API to work with. I was able to get a C# application up and running in about half an hour. Here is a link to their REST API:[^]

Once you want to use it in production, it will cost one cent a text. That scales really well, since the customer pays only for what they use.

If you want a truly free option, the only real alternative I see is sending an email to the phone's email address (for example You need to know the carrier the phone uses, since each carrier has their own format, and the text won't be as clean, but it will send a text to the phone. Then you can just use the basic email libraries built into .NET.
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JMAM 18-May-12 23:33pm    
Hi i have visited your site but i think they do not support visual basic .net do you have any other sites that you know
Tim Corey 21-May-12 9:20am    
They support C#, so you can just convert their examples to VB.NET. If I get a chance, I might be able to convert my demo application for you.

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