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Hi, I am developing a note taking application in C#/XAML. I want a user to write anything on canvas with InkManager of "Windows.UI.Input.Inking". Then I want to display it as text onto canvas and then I want to save those recognized text in either text or image format.

I have checked MSDN[^] documentation, but still I am confused how to start. How can I get ink strokes onto canvas and how can I recognize that ? Please anyone can guide me ? I need it ASAP for my app.

I have tried some coding, but it is not working.

private async void Recognize_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
    IReadOnlyList<InkRecognitionResult> x = await _inkManager.RecognizeAsync(InkRecognitionTarget.All);
    IReadOnlyList<String> text;
    foreach (InkRecognitionResult i in x)
        text = i.GetTextCandidates();
Updated 9-Jul-12 0:17am
bbirajdar 9-Jul-12 7:00am    
Please do not repost the same question
Farhan Ghumra 9-Jul-12 8:01am    
404 Not Found
bbirajdar 9-Jul-12 8:08am    
Its not 404..Its 'Question not found' since you deleted it..404 is for 'Page not found'..Nice try...
Farhan Ghumra 9-Jul-12 8:24am    
Any way I got solution from MSDN forum.

1 solution

Here is my solution

IReadOnlyList<string> text;
string finalt = "";
private async void Recognize_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
    IReadOnlyList<inkrecognitionresult> x = await _inkManager.RecognizeAsync(InkRecognitionTarget.All);
    foreach (InkRecognitionResult i in x)
        text = i.GetTextCandidates();
        finalt = finalt + " " + text[0];
        res.Text = finalt;   //res is x:Key of the textblock

Solution by Subramanian : InkPen with Handwriting Recognition sample in CSharp[^]

Solution by Can: Windows 8 Input: Ink sample in C#/Xaml[^]

Kudos To Subramanian[^] and Can[^]
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