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i want to write some data in XML file using metro style app (.Net Framework 4.5).

here is the code which i have written and it works fine but problem is that the whole string is being written in s single line instead of XML text formatting. Therefore i can't read it properly. Every time i need to reformat the newly added data to understand it properly.

Here is the code i have written :

Dim f As New FolderPicker
f.SuggestedStartLocation = PickerLocationId.DocumentsLibrary
f.ViewMode = PickerViewMode.Thumbnail
Dim folder As StorageFolder = Await f.PickSingleFolderAsync

Dim rootEle As XmlElement

Dim file As StorageFile = Nothing

file = Await folder.CreateFileAsync("demoXML.xml", CreationCollisionOption.ReplaceExisting)

rootEle = doc.CreateElement("files_tbl")

Dim ele As XmlElement
ele = doc.CreateElement("files")

Dim otherEle As XmlElement
otherEle = doc.CreateElement("field-1")
otherEle.InnerText = "data-1"

otherEle = doc.CreateElement("field-2")
otherEle.InnerText = "data-2"

Await doc.SaveToFileAsync(file)
Jeff Blankenburg 26-Feb-13 9:22am    
What tool are you using to view your XML? I don't recommend bloating your file with newline characters if you can avoid it. Notepad++ does a great job at auto-formatting XML, as does the XML viewer in Visual Studio.
vivek.khatri 26-Feb-13 11:00am    
I'm using Notepad++. But still it shows all the contents in single line..
To format it, i need to format it manually by adding tabs.

Is there any bug in the code above ???

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