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>Why guys from Microsoft change all upside down after each .net edition? I have tried to do few simples things in new 'metro style' xaml but nothing is simple today. For example I needed to scan a hard disk drive to get list of files. This is very simple task isn't it?

But please tell me why this pretty simple chunk of code doesn't work
using Windows.Storage;

async Task AllFilesIwantToGet()
           StorageFolder sf = 
            await StorageFolder.GetFolderFromPathAsync(@"d:\mydocs");

           IReadOnlyList<IStorageItem> list= await sf.GetItemsAsync();

It looks like GetFolderFromPathAsync() never stops and variable sf is null all the time. I was trying to find solution on MSDN but there is nothing that could help.
I thought it's a permission issue but when I use the following code
var sf = await StorageFolder.GetFolderFromPathAsync(KnownFolders.MusicLibrary.Path);

it never ends up too allthough I have added capabilities to MusicLirary.

Sorry for this but after 10 years of programming I feel still like a newbie. This is annoying. Needless to say that Microsoft shots his own foot again.
Updated 4-Aug-12 23:24pm

You cannot use storagefolder for unknown folders. You have to use filepicker.

Check this,[^]
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For your updated question...

you have to use

In case u want folders, then

StorageFolder musicFolder = await KnownFolders.MusicLibrary;

If you want file list

IReadOnlyList<StorageFile> fileList =
               await KnownFolders.MusicLibrary.GetFilesAsync();
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aquant 5-Aug-12 12:51pm    
Thank you Santhosh. I have all these problems because I'd like to write a tool in metro style rather then toy-app. The tool should have access to the whole filesystem's structure (something like file manager). I just couldn't agree with the general asumption that a win8 user cannot access to its own system. The user shouldn't even know what is a filesystem when using a Metro app in Win8.
I think there is a solution to get access to filesystem programmatically. Just think about FileOpenPicker which have access to the most files and can be used by a normal user. Why one 'metro' class can browse filesystem and other class cannot do this (due to security reasons?)

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