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I have managed to encrypt a file and set its extension to (.encrypted).

Now, I am trying to add file type association in my App so that whenever the user opens a file with extention (.encrypted), it will be opened with my metro app so that i can process on that file (i.e. decrypt that file and set its original extention back).

I have set Display Name, Info Tip and Name property in Properties section.

I have added (.encrypted) in File Type field, BUT LEFT THE "Content Type" field empty, as i don't know what to write there.

I am totally confused what should i input in "App Settings" section, which has three fields (Executable, Entry Point and Start Page).

The page on which i have written decryption code is named as default (i.e. MainPage.xaml).

Now please help me out what should i input in App Settings section AND do i need to provide "Content Type" field ???

Any help will be greatly appreciated...
vivek.khatri 16-Mar-13 2:19am    
Hello sir, thank you for reply..

I have tried that too, but no success..

I think I'm making mistake in setting "App Settings" section.

If I provide Start Page property value "MainPage.xaml" (the page that will handle the file), when i open the file with .encrypted extension, it starts my application, but after the splash screen, i'm being taken directly to the start screen.

Please specify what to fill up in the "App Settings" section for my scenario.

My project is in VB, the page that will handle the file is the default page (i.e. MainPage.xaml).

Note :- I have left the "Content Type" field empty because i didn't know what to provide there.

1 solution

I wrote a pretty immersive article on this in my "31 Days of Windows 8" series.

Here's the article:
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