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I have written a WCF REST service.My Get method would return a list values..When I execute my xml response is :
<GetAppointmentList xmlns:i="">

How ever when I tried the same with JSON response Iam getting like :
bf98bd3b-dccc-442d-ab4b-0bad4ecbdfd7Care919 12:0013:00 10
i.e JSON response is not clear..I want the response in
"AppointmentEndTime":"19 ",

How can I get a clear response like this in JSON format?
I am using this code:
       [WebInvoke(UriTemplate = "GetAppointments/?companyId={companyId}&appointmentDate={appointmentDate}", Method = "GET", RequestFormat = WebMessageFormat.Json, ResponseFormat = WebMessageFormat.Json, BodyStyle = WebMessageBodyStyle.Bare)]
     GetAppointmentList GetAppointment(Guid companyId, string appointmentDate);

Service1.cs :
public GetAppointmentList GetAppointment(Guid companyId, string appointmentDate)
            SQLDataContext context = new SQLDataContext();

            var getappointment = context.GetAppointmentTimings(companyId,appointmentDate);
           GetAppointmentList getappointmentlist = new GetAppointmentList();

            getappointmentlist.AppointmentList = new List<company>().ToList();
            foreach (var r in getappointment.ToList())
                Company company = new Company();
                company.CompanyId = r.CompanyId;
                company.CompanyName = r.CompanyName;
                company.BreakStartTime = r.BreakStartTime + ":" + "00";
                company.BreakEndTime = r.BreakEndTime + ":" + "00";
                company.Interval = r.Interval;
                company.AppointmentStartTime = r.AppointmentStartTime;
                company.AppointmentEndTime = r.AppointmentEndTime;
    return getappointmentlist;

Updated 7-Sep-12 22:42pm

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