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As I have saave Hexadecimal Data To Database I have to convert it into CString.
But when I convert char array to CString ,nothing gets saved in Database and
thus instrument reading from Database does not work.This is because CString remains empty.Please help on this issue.

char ch[19];
   ch[0] = 0x01;
   ch[1] = 0x01;
   ch[2] = 0x01;  //Single wavelength 0x00 ,double wavelenth = 0x01
   ch[3] = 0x02;  //Main Wavelength
   ch[4] = 0x00;  //Secondary wavelength
   ch[5] = 0x01;  //third Wavelength
   ch[6] = 0x01;  //start column
   ch[7] = 0x0C;  //end column
   ch[8] = 0x05;   //shake rate  0x01 - 0x09
   ch[9] = 0x00;   //shake time  0x01 - 0xF0
   ch[10] = 0x01;
   ch[11] = 0x01;
   ch[12] = 0x55;
   ch[13] = 0x55;
   ch[14] = 0x55;
   ch[15] = 0x55;
   ch[16] = 0x55;
   ch[17] = 0x77;
   ch[18] = '\0';
   CString strData(ch);
Updated 7-Dec-12 23:30pm

Try it by your own format :) :
void BuildByteString(BYTE* pbyData, UINT uiDataLen, CString& cszReceiver)
  while (uiDataLen--) {
    cszReceiver.AppendFormat(_T("0x%02u"), *pbyData++);
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Actually Problem was that ch[4] = 0x00; and ch[9] = 0x00; It was causing CString to terminate.So I changed Protocol And Remove The Need Of 0x00 and passed other value like 0x01 And things worked.
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