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hey guys...
i have a problem with my visual studio 2010 debugger!
i was working on a windows application project i designed and edit my codes everything was good until i came to work on it today ; i edit codes ,i edit my form and i clicked on run button to debugg and see resault of my edits , .cs files saved correctly and when my software ran, i saw the running application is my application before editing codes ...
i dnt know why when i edit codes and save them, they save correctly but when i run it show me same that i was workin on it yesterday!
actualy visual studio doesnt debug my new codes !
this problem is just wid this project and in other project i dnt have this problem !
this problem generated today !
please dnt say me i should unistal/install visual studio ...
i open my codes with notepad , and im sure my edited codes has been saved!
please help me !
Pascal-78 10-Dec-12 11:35am    
Did your program built successfully? When build failed, VS2010 may start the older version (the last successful built) generally after asking the user to do so.
ali_heidari_ 10-Dec-12 12:11pm    
visual studio just save my codes ,even i enter some wrong codes to make syntax errors but it doesnt act to them ,it just save them !
Jibesh 10-Dec-12 13:40pm    
Check the location of the file too, you might be having copy of the same file which is opened from other location. Following are the actions i normally do when studio behaves weird
1. Restart Visual Studio. Remember maintains the settings of the studio you closed last and not the recent.
2. Open the solution/project from the File menu not from the recent opened items
3. Clean and Re-build all
ali_heidari_ 10-Dec-12 14:00pm    
very thnx dear!
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 10-Dec-12 18:03pm    
Why would you formally accept your own "solution", which is not even a solution, just a comment. Please, don't do it.

Try doing a Clean and a full rebuild: they are both available from the Build menu. It is possible that your EXE and/or intermediate files is (somehow) stamped with a later date than you project source files, which would cause changes to be ignored as far a building is concerned.

If that doesn't cure it, try adding a syntax error to your code: just type "sdfsdf" at the top of your file. When you build it you should get errors and the build should be incomplete. That would indicate that the file is definately now later than teh intermediates.
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ali_heidari_ 10-Dec-12 12:09pm    
it doesnt action about syntax errors ; and it just show me that program wich i had it before editing codes and always just show me that when i click run ! i think visual studio saved some my old .cs files in somewhere and always compile them , im trying to find any .cs file reletive to my project! but can you explain me about stamped files with later date of the project?
It could be that you have your solution in 2 different places on your drive. Your studio is using one instance, while you are looking at a second instance of the source in a different place. Ensure that you have the solution only in one place on your hard drive and then open your solution and try again. This has nothing to do with Studio needing to be reinstalled or anything like that. This is a simple error that happens to many devs at some point or another.
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It may possible that either Visual Studio or OS might be corrupted.. Please have a fresh installation of it..
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ali_heidari_ 10-Dec-12 12:14pm    
after many testing actions , i think my visual studio got failed ! it never act to any syntax error,
CandyT 10-Dec-12 20:47pm    
Just reinstall your visual studio and try again to see the results.

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