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Front end is VC++ 6.0 Application, Back end is SQL Server 2005 database, Intermediate ODBC. I have developed an VC++ 6.0 application with SQL Server database in Windows Server 2003 OS server. That application has use by 24 users [clients]. What do i do now please suggest me as earliest?

What I have tried:

i tried for installshield but i didn't got any proper procedure generate installer.
Updated 3-Jan-21 23:09pm
Maciej Los 4-Jan-21 3:55am
Does SQL Server enable remote connections?
Does SQL server has be available via LAN or WAN?

VC++ 6.0 is more than 20 years old. You should upgrade to the latest version of Visual Studio. You can then use one of the many installation creators available.
That's seriously old software, and it's liable to give problems on later operating systems (heck, the debugger had problems on XP!)
You should seriously consider upgrading to a more modern system as there is no guarantee than any of your software will work on modern client software (or even install given that Windows Vista and above introduced a lot of security features that break earlier apps like twigs).

But ... it's been a long, long time since I did anything with VC6 - it came out last century - so my memory isn't that good, but Visual C++ 6 came with a setup creator that will build an installer for you. I can't remember what is was called, or how you used it - it's just been too long.
Start by looking at the Visual C++ 6 manuals: if I recall correctly it came with a box of 'em about 2 feet long. The info should be in there somewhere. If you can't find them, trawl for a second hand copy of one of the C++ books from that era - they will probably cover it, and I know there were quite a few of them around way back then.

But the quickest, safest solution is almost certainly to upgrade to a more modern IDE.
Member 12208944 4-Jan-21 4:44am
Customer using VC++ 6.0 itself, he don't want to upgrade. Please give me some better solution. Thanks for response.
OriginalGriff 4-Jan-21 4:46am
Start reading the manuals then!

He does realize that the Community Edition of Visual Studio is free and has been for about a decade?
Member 12208944 4-Jan-21 4:53am
he knows everything but he don't want to upgrade his application. All modifications i have done in application but i stucked up at generating the setup file for that application. What type of installshield should i use, how to use?
OriginalGriff 4-Jan-21 5:16am
As I said: it's been over twenty years, and I can't remember that kind of detail from that long ago - it wasn't something I did every day (or even every month!)

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