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I would like to write a simple file transfering app on a SBC. I have chosen raspberry pi for this. Windows IoT proved to be unreliable and I gather from the web that Microsoft stopped the development of this in favor of using Linux (in this case raspbian) as OS. Correct so far? Visual Studio can generate IL for ARM processers and it can do remote debugging. I am having trouble getting to remote debug an app on the raspberry pi.

Code has to go a long way from c# to execution. As i understand it, VS changes my code from c# to IL. This IL gets deployed on the target machine and then compiled at runtime to native executable instructions. These days .net Core can do the last steps (compiling to native instructions) also on a ARM (linux) machine. Correct?

What I think is possible is generating IL on my Windows machine (an intensive job, preferrably on the strongest machine), transfering this to the raspi. Letting the .net Core on this machine handle the translation to native instructions. Attaching my Windows debugger to thus created process on the raspi and debug this way on my Windows machine. I think with .net Core on linux this is the model to go for? Or is my thinking completely wrong?

What I have tried:

Changing the authentication mode in project settings gets me either 'a PIN is required' while using universal or 'msvsmon' is not running on the target machine. Downloading from Remote debugging - Visual Studio | Microsoft Docs[^] gets me *.exe file, which I believe does not run on linux.
Gerry Schmitz 14-Jan-21 10:13am    
Yes, there is a "monitor" that runs on the (remote) device during a debugging session that the Host (VS) talks to. It's not an "or" situation: you need a monitor on the target device. (And yes, if you have Windows on the device, it's an "exe"; don't know what Linux gives you)

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