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I wrote a pipeline in DSL where I have variables as:

def mailidlist ="${mailid}"
def bemailidlist="${BEmailid}"
def pmailidlists = "${Pmailidlist}"

Then I am using same variables in property/parameters:
    gitParameter(branch: '', branchFilter: 'origin/(.*)',  description: 'Provide the ...', name: 'sourceBranchName', quickFilterEnabled: false, selectedValue: 'NONE', sortMode: 'NONE', tagFilter: '*', type: 'PT_BRANCH'),
    choice(choices: ['dev'], description: 'DEV', name: 'deploymentEnv'),  
    text(description: 'Provide Email Address of the product owner to be notified', name: 'PmailidList'),
    text(description: 'Provide Email Address of the people to be notified', name: 'mailid'),
    text(description: 'Provide Email Address of the peoplefor B Failures', name: 'BEmailid'),

Now while calling the function under node windows node , I would call without any arguments:
node(windowsNode) {

Below is the function definition for createmailerlist() function:
<pre lang="Groovy">void createmailerlist() {
        echo mailidlist
stage('Generate mail List ') {
if(!((currentBuild.result).contains('UNSTABLE'))) {
mailidlist = mailidlist + ";" + pmailidlists
echo 'Notify to users - '+ mailidlist

But it does not executes and throws error as :

[Checks API] No suitable checks publisher found.
java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: No such DSL method 'createEmailList' found among steps
[ArtifactoryGradleBuild, MavenDescriptorStep, addBadge, addEmbeddableBadgeConfiguration,
addErrorBadge, addHtmlBadge, addInfoBadge, addInteractivePromotion, addShortText,
addWarningBadge, ansiColor, ansiblePlaybook ....

What I have tried:

I also tried to define the function with arguments but still no luck :
void createEmailList(String mailidlist,String pmailidlists)

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