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I am working on .xlsx file on windows in VC++ MFC and trying to create table in its worksheets. I am using XLS2007::ListObjects::add function for creating table but function fails every time. Please have a look what I am doing:

What I have tried:

XLS2007::ListObjects listobj =    oWorkSheet2007.GetListObjects();
XLS2007::ListObject Tblobj = listobj.Add(1,COleVariant(L"A1:J1008"),COleVariant((short)(0)),1,COleVariant(L"A1"),COleVariant(L"TableStyleMedium1"));

Am I doing it right it or Is there any thing else do I need to change in it? please help.
Updated 30-Aug-21 20:12pm

1 solution

As per documentation, a ListObject.Add function requires to define a sheet in which the list is added.

For example:
Set objListObject = ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(1).ListObjects.Add(SourceType:= xlSrcExternal, _ 
Source:= Array(strServerName, strListName, strListGUID), LinkSource:=True, _ 
XlListObjectHasHeaders:=xlGuess, Destination:=Range("A1")), 
TableStyleName:=xlGuess, Destination:=Range("A10")) 

VBA - ListObjects.Add method (Excel) | Microsoft Docs[^]
VSTO - How to: Add ListObject controls to worksheets - Visual Studio (Windows) | Microsoft Docs[^]
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Aashish_stellar 3-Sep-21 4:54am    
Thanks for your help. As mentioned above I am working in VC++ using excel object model on windows. I think the problem is in its parameters which I am passing in XLS2007::ListObjects::Add() function. Please help if you can.
Maciej Los 3-Sep-21 8:43am    
As i mentioned in the answer: you're trying to add ListObject to collection of them, but you have to add ListObject to specific worksheet.

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