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I wrote a telegram bot with aws lambda. I have an Api gateway endpoint which runs the event and triggers the lambda function.

Now the problem is that I can't get the "body" because it always returns the same error.

This is the request I can get printed, is there any way to get the data in body and work on that data?

    {'version': '2.0', 'routeKey': 'ANY /myTelegramBot', 'rawPath': '/V1/myTelegramBot', 'rawQueryString': '', 'headers': {'accept-encoding': 'gzip, deflate', 'content-length': '331', 'content-type': 'application/json', 'host': '', 'x-amzn-trace-id': 'Root=1-62a1ea06-2d8ea4b553aasddczxc7209e7', 'x-forwarded-for': '', 'x-forwarded-port': '443', 'x-forwarded-proto': 'https' 
        }, 'requestContext': {'accountId': '374177185789', 'apiId': 'awefsdfka3al', 'domainName': '', 'domainPrefix': 'av3p3ka3al', 'http': {'method': 'POST', 'path': '/V1/myTelegramBot', 'protocol': 'HTTP/1.1', 'sourceIp': '', 'userAgent': '' 
            }, 'requestId': 'TdGA-jhertEMkA=', 'routeKey': 'ANY /myTelegramBot', 'stage': 'V1', 'time': '09/Jun/2022: 12: 39: 34 +0000', 'timeEpoch': 1654778374039 
        }, 'body': '{ 
            "update_id": 1234356,\n"message": { 
                "message_id": 226, 
                "from": { 
                    "id": 456875213, 
                    "is_bot": false, 
                    "first_name": "gggggggg", 
                    "last_name": "Di gggg", 
                    "username": "gggggg", 
                    "language_code": "it" 
                "chat": { 
                    "id": ggggg, 
                    "first_name": "ggggggg", 
                    "last_name": "Di ggggg", 
                    "username": "ggggggg", 
                    "type": "private" 
                "date": 123123123, 
                "text": "HELLOMESSAGE" 
        }', 'isBase64Encoded': False 

My Aws lambda:

    CHAT_ID = 'xxxxxxxx' 
    TOKEN = 'xxxxx:AAEc_dP-xxxx' 
    WBH_URL = '' 
    def lambda_handler(event, context): 
        json_str = json.dumps(event) 
        resp = json.loads(json_str) 
        ####ERROR HERE: 
        chat_id_message = resp['Body']['message']['chat']['id'] 
        bot = telebot.TeleBot(TOKEN) 
        bot.send_message(CHAT_ID, "CIAOXXdalBOT" + str(resp)) 

Error: The Lambda function returned the following error: 'Body'. Check your Lambda function code and try again.

What I have tried:

I really tried everything, even formatting my answer with string analysis, but I think it is much easier than you think. I don't understand why the response is so bad

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