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df = pd.read_excel('Input.xlsx', nrows=114)

# Define a function to extract the URL and URL_ID from a row
def extract_url_id(row):
  return row['URL'], row['URL_ID']

# Apply the function to each row and extract the URL and URL_ID

urls, url_ids = zip(*df.apply(extract_url_id, axis=1))


# Extract the URLs from the DataFrame
urls = df['URL'].tolist()

# Iterate over the URLs
for url in urls:
 # Make a request to the URL
 r = requests.get(url)

  # Extract the HTML from the response

  html = r.text

What I have tried:

r=request.get(url) is not working properly. i need to get Urls text data in order to save the extracted article in a text file with URL_ID as its file name. error typically indicates that there was an issue establishing a connection ..
Updated 3-Jan-23 0:46am

1 solution

error typically indicates that there was an issue establishing a connection
That is not something that anyone here can help you with. You need to check with the owners of the site.
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Bisma Hilal 3-Jan-23 6:49am    
the owners of the site have provided the links themselves, i think its because of the way im extracting these links from the file and requesting the connection to them?
Richard MacCutchan 3-Jan-23 7:11am    
Well there is still nothing that anyone here can do to make the connection work.

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