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Hello there guys, may you please help me? I have no idea how to connect WooCommerce REST API to software that's working on a computer in the real-time store. To be more precise, there is software on the computer in the store and when a client buys 1 pair of Nike shoes I want the quantity of that pair to be updated on my website as well.
The same goes when someone buys something from the website, I want for that pair quantity to be updated in the real time store.

In WooCommerce settings I found REST API in the Advanced tab and right there I can create an API key, but where do I need to connect that API key?
What I'm going to do with consumer key and secret?

How to connect it to inventory management software?

What I have tried:

Nothing, i have no clue how to do this. Any help would be appriciated
Updated 17-Jul-23 23:26pm

I have answered this same question from you a while back at - How to connect stock items on wordpress ?[^] by suggesting that you use
Square for WooCommerce
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If it's an inventory software system that you've written, then you need to write some code to connect it to the API. Since we can't see your code, we can't tell you how to do that beyond pointing you to the manuals for whatever programming language you used to write it.

If it's a third-party application, then you've come to the wrong site. You need to contact the tech support for that software to find out what your options are.
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