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I have a function calling API shown below
Now, How do i get the information I am passing like userId and memberId from wsdlUri

public SyncService1()
            siteInfo.AdminLogin = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["adminID"].ToString();
            siteInfo.AdminPassword = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["adminPWD"].ToString();
            siteInfo.wsdlUri = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["uri"].ToString();
            siteInfo.LoggingDirectory = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["LoggingDirectory"].ToString();
            log.Info($"Logging directory is located in {siteInfo.LoggingDirectory}");
            Console.WriteLine($"Logging directory is located in {siteInfo.LoggingDirectory}");

            // Initialize log4net.

I am expecting
siteInfo.wsdlUri.Userid=`your text`
siteInfo.wsdlUri.MemeberId=`your text`

What I have tried:

siteInfo.wsdlUri.Userid=`your text`
siteInfo.wsdlUri.MemeberId=`your text`
Updated 30-Jan-24 6:27am

1 solution

You can use the System.Uri class to parse the URI and extract the desired information.
siteInfo.wsdlUri = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["uri"].ToString();
string uri = siteInfo.wsdlUri;
System.Uri parsedUri;

// To validate the URI format
if (Uri.TryCreate(uri, UriKind.Absolute, out parsedUri))
	// Here you can use it from query parameters
	siteInfo.wsdlUri.UserId = parsedUri.QueryParameters["UserId"];
	siteInfo.wsdlUri.MemberId = parsedUri.QueryParameters["MemberId"];
	Console.WriteLine("Invalid URI format");
If the URI doesn't contain query parameters, and the information is encoded in a different way, you'll need to adjust the parsing logic accordingly.
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