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Hello all, having a issue with codeproject to stay running under systemd, if i start codeproject with "bash: /usr/bin/" it runs fine, but if i start it as a .service it starts and then stops and restarts all the time

Description=CodeProject.AI Server 2.6.2 application

# Our app can notify systemd of status changes
# systemd will run this executable to start the service
# if /usr/bin/dotnet doesn't work, use `which dotnet` to find correct dotnet executable path
# ExecStart=bash /usr/bin/
ExecStart=bash /usr/bin/

# to query logs using journalctl, set a logical name here

# Use your username to keep things simple.
# If you pick a different user, make sure dotnet and all permissions are set correctly to run the app
# To update permissions, use 'chown yourusername -R /srv/HelloWorld' to take ownership of the folder and files,
#       Use 'chmod +x /srv/HelloWorld/HelloWorld' to allow execution of the executable file
# User=youruserhere

# ensure the service restarts after crashing
# amount of time to wait before restarting the service                        

# This environment variable is necessary when dotnet isn't loaded for the specified user.
# To figure out this value, run 'env | grep DOTNET_ROOT' when dotnet has been loaded into your shell.


# More info:

here is the code from under the file

What I have tried:

ive looked at the logfile and only see 1 error,
Error Exception updating Install Config: Access to the path '/etc/codeproject/ai/installconfig.json' is denied.

1 solution

This is the wrong place to ask this question. The correct forum is here: CodeProject.AI Discussions[^]
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