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Hi I am wondering how to handle #ERROR, NAN and INFINITY in a single expression of SSRS reprot when my formula is (A/B)-1). I have used the following expression to handle NAN and INFINITY which worked perferctly fine.

=iif ( ( ((A/B)=0) OR B=0 ), 0, (A/B)-1) )

( Says that if A/B=0 or B=0 then display 0 else display (A/B)-1=0 )

With this code I am getting #ERROR in my report when it divides 0/0 as the value of a and b is zero. My problem is to handle # ERROR also in this expression. Please help.
Updated 10-Aug-21 12:05pm

Simply try:
=iif(B=0, 0, (A/B)-1))

You need to make sure it's a valid number.
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Dhivya.J 26-Feb-13 7:47am    
Thank you for answering. This only handles NAN, not infinity and #Error. I need to handle all these three(NAN,Infinity,#ERROR) in this expressions.
Sandeep Mewara 26-Feb-13 8:02am    
Why so? For infinity, denominator has to be non-zero which is checked.
For #Error, it should be a valid expression, which it is.

To me all is handled, not sure what other thing you are looking for or facing.
Dhivya.J 27-Feb-13 0:52am    
My report contains float values. For me the below expression worked.

=IIF( (B=0 OR A=0),0, ( ( A/IIF(B=0,1,B) )-1 ) ).

The above solution will handle all issue, because 0/anything is zero, so it will be automatically handled. We have to handle divide by zero error only
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Dhivya.J 29-Mar-13 0:58am    
Thank you:)

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