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I'm using SQL Server Express Edition.It includes 10 databases with each containing data above 4GB and it grows. There are 7 EXE's running and it inserts multiple rows in 4 tables in each database for every 5 seconds.

My issue is, When I running all the EXE's at the same time, the database processing is getting slowed down. For example, I have EXE's like E1,E2,E3 and it inserts records in table D1,D2,D3 respectively. One of the table contains a "datetime" column and which records the current date and time for every 5 seconds. During the initial stage, it records the correct time, but after 5 or 10 minutes, it queues the data and process is getting slow down. that is, consider now the time is 12:00, but the the time recorded in the column is 11:45. When I run a single EXE, it load the data correctly and will record the current time. Is there any possibility to avoid this slowness?
phil.o 22-Feb-13 8:48am    
Completely wrong !
SQL Express 2005 will allow you to have a max 4 Gb database.
SQL Express 2012 will allow you to push this limit up to 12 Gb.
Please verify your informations before posting them !

If you have your EXE's running on the same box where you have the SQL installed, then the most possible reson is resource contention.

Having said that, you can consider changing to SQL Server 2012 express which can help you with its new feature of localdb. Now, since you have mutiple application to run and I am assuming them to lighweight apps, this feature allows you to have embedded dbs. Take a look and make use of the cool feature.
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Please be noted that, SQL Server Express (2008 R@) supports 1 CPU and 1 GB or RAM. As you are running multiple EXE so I think due to lack of memory and CPU, you are getting slower performance.[^]
But I believe there could be other reasons but it is not possible to figure out from your description.
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