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I used Visual studio 2008 express till now.
Then I saw a lot of people using 2010 instead. I just tried and found it is much much slower than 2008. When I type the code this.sth.sth, the inteligence takes several seconds, unbelievalble.

Can anyone help to clarify this?

Updated 13-Dec-10 8:51am
Slacker007 13-Dec-10 13:52pm    
I am currently using VS 2010 Express as well and I am not experiencing this problem as of yet. Windows XP SP3. However, it is slow in other areas for me.

It's new. It's "better". It's Visual Studio. Complaining about it here isn't going to do you any good. Even complaining about it on Microsoft's site isn't going to do you any good. The product is guaranteed to slog on any machine, regardless of how much memory you have or how many cores your CP has. The simple fact of the matter is that if you want to do SL4 or .Net 4 development, you gotta have it. Get used to it. You're doomed, just like the rest of us.
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Well IMO each new version of anything Microsoft writes either breaks or slows down.
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dan!sh 13-Dec-10 19:17pm    
Wrong. It slows down and then breaks. Sometimes slowing down part is skipped. And then comes the savior: service pack. :)
Till they come up with a service pack (which they will), you have to live with it.
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it's probably recreating intellisense in a new format... They broke the C++/CLI intellisense as well.
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