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Hello Experts,

Till yesterday, my debug points (breakpoints) are working and control stop at every debug point.
Today it is not stopping at any debug point in VS 2010 express. I tried to REpair/Reinstall. But didn't work. Please help me in this. I have lot to work and this is stopping me.
[no name] 23-Dec-14 9:54am    
Maybe your project is simply set to "Release" instead of "Debug"?
sudevsu 23-Dec-14 10:08am    
No its is Debug not Release
[no name] 23-Dec-14 10:10am    
Then check PIEBALDconsult advice.
sudevsu 23-Dec-14 10:14am    
Control is not going to code file. I mean control is not going to .vb file. It just shows the design as it is written in ASPX but it is not going to VB file
PIEBALDconsult 23-Dec-14 9:57am    
I also see that when I have added an Assembly to the GAC -- if you've done that, remove the Assembly from the GAC and try again.

1 solution

The problem lies here:


This instructs the page to not automatically wire up a predefined list of function names to the page's events. The "Page_Load" function will normally be automatically wired up to the page.Load event, but setting this attribute to false disables it. I Set it to true and I find it works ...
Phewwwww!!! Oh God... You just saved my day...
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