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I have been enlightened by your article about the ASP.NET WebApi.
I really appreciate that.
Really I depend so heavily on people like you that are not only so experienced and knowledgable, but take the time to share their knowledge.
So anyway thanks for that.

But more specifically you mentioned at the end of that article the times when WEBAPI is better that WCF and vice-versa depending on what needs you have in that particular situation.
You aslo mentioned that people that want to use both and be able to write services/controllers that can easily do both they ought to contact you.

Well.... here I am.

That's exactly the type of thing I try to do as much as I can anywhere I see that that's a good idea. That's for sure at any 'framework' level.

I try not to go to overboard but the point is this: Even if we merge these two.... then next week number 3 comes along... am I right?
So it's about getting a conceptual perspective of things at a level that transcends any implementations, current and future.

I know that starts to get crazy pretty quick, and you have to have some pretty healthy foundries on that kind of thinking, or it takes you places you don't want to go.
It does however get even more important (in my opinion) now with all the new stuff in our world like WinRT, and all that associated technology like Windows Store Applications (Metro Apps). I want my service interfaces to be more reusable than ever across a wider variety of requirements, and to leverage a broader range of capabilities.

So all that said would you be kind enough to take some time and discuss your perspective on this and how it applies to the WCF / WEBAPI situation?

Thanks again,


Glenn Kessler
Senior Software Architect
CompuGroup Medical US
Glenn John Kessler 5-Mar-13 6:19am    
I meant this to be directed at this guy:
I think it may have routed to a more general bucket....
Sorry if that's the case.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 5-Mar-13 18:27pm    
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