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In the XAML of my silverlight app I have several buttons with an image as content, pretty basic stuff. The image should be loaded up as part of the XAP file. When my user uses the application for a short period of time (say 10 minutes or so), the images will sporadically decide to not to appear. This is a silverlight navigation app, and there are several buttons spread out over 4-5 pages. When navigating through the pages an image on the button will decide not to appear. I am about at wits end on this one, anyone even heard of this before?

<Button Style="{StaticResource RoundButton}"  Height="145" Width="150" Margin="20,20,20,20" Click="Reports_Click" IsEnabled="{Binding HomeButtonsEnabled}">
        <Image Source="/MatterManagement;component/Images/SpreadsheetChart.png" Width="121" Height="135" />
Updated 26-Apr-13 11:38am
db7uk 26-Apr-13 17:52pm    
Strange. What browser? I know this should not matter but I had a weird issue once with IE 7 not showing coloured labels. So, I notice that the image is in a separate dll? if so is this loaded dynamically or with the xap itself? Do you have enabled "reduce xap size by using application library caching"?
rdamske 29-Apr-13 10:03am    
The Browser is IE. No seperate DLL's are being created. I have tried it with and without the "reduce Xap Size" option with the same result. I am thinking of preloading the images so that they would always be in memory, do you think that would help?
db7uk 29-Apr-13 10:09am    
The problem with that approach is that in theory that is what the application is already doing. Once the dll has been loaded into the app domain this should be there for the life time of the application. What is the round button style?
rdamske 29-Apr-13 10:16am    
That was my assessment with regards to the presence of the images, I thought that the images should be there for the lifetime of the app. The images are there when the program launches, but after a while the problem will start happening. "Roundbutton" is a style that I just started using. My problem predates the style by many months.

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