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Hello Everyone..!!

Can anyone please tell me how to draw a line graph on a dialog box in MFC.
I have an array with some values and I need to generate a graph using those values. Which MFC Tool / Class should I use? I have never worked on graphs before so please people help me out....

I am not sure if there is a simple MFC class to do this. You can do it with a Static Control[^] in your dialog that has the SS_OWNERDRAW property. You can then add your lines in the handler for the WM_DRAWITEM message[^].
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You may draw yourself (in OnPaint handler) using graphic primitives (GDI or GDI+) or you may use a chart control, like, for instance, Cedric's High-speed Charting Control[^].

Suppose you have an array of coordinates and want to create a linear graph.
First you have to find xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax in order to scale (and translate) all the coordinates to fit into the screen rectangle you intend to use:
x[i] = rcx + rcwidth/(xmax-xmin)* x[i];
y[i] = rcy - rcheight/(ymax-ymin)* y[i];

where rcx, rcy are the coordinates of the top-left point of the screen rectangle and rcwidth,rcheight are its dimensions.
Finally you have to draw all the lines connecting successive points, e.g.
MoveToEx(hdc, x[0], y[0]);
for(n=1; n<N; ++n)
  LineTo(hdc, x[n], y[n]);

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Fresher16 3-May-13 3:29am    
How to create a graph? I mean I have never done it before and I am new to MFC. can you help me out?

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