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I am a Mechanical engineering student leaned towards automation.
In my recent project I need to make an 4 axis arm with GUI to control its motion.
All i know is coding in C#,C++.
please direct me how to interface the hardware components(motors &sensors) to GUI i create.
thanking you in advance,
Richard MacCutchan 1-Jun-13 10:36am
The only way to discover how to do this is to read the documentation for the hardware device.
Volynsky Alex 1-Jun-13 13:40pm
You can use both C++ and C# for your task (build a GUI for a robotic arm), but you did not explain in depth, with details what you need to do...
G1R1 2-Jun-13 4:51am
Thank you for the reply.
I am using pneumatic cylinders with position feedback using sensor and a PLC for its stand alone control.
It is desired to find a best path to be traversed by the arm for the given application and later program the arm for that path.
My plan is to make a GUI for the Machine and find the best path for automated air blower application.
Please help me with and specify any better way to do this .
& i am completely unaware of interfacing the machine with my GUI i create .
Matthew Faithfull 1-Jun-13 16:57pm
Start with how the arm is physically connected to the PC. Serial cable? USB? Ethernet?

The next question will be about the protocol used to control the arm but it will depend largely on the answer to the first.
Volynsky Alex 2-Jun-13 6:05am
Ok G1R1.
Is you have any API which you use to interact with the air blower (i.e. to access to sensors of air blower)? Maybe you can access to your device via RS-232 serial port ?
G1R1 4-Jun-13 15:00pm
thank you for now,
i would like to discuss with you further.
Volynsky Alex 4-Jun-13 17:22pm
You're welcome G1R1.
m.r.m.40 2-Jun-13 13:21pm
i recommend you to look for c++ hardware programming and c++ device programming.
i saw something about it on youtube.
G1R1 4-Jun-13 15:00pm
thank you

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